We are against the proposed renovation project for Place Jacques Cartier.

Find out our objections:


The terraces will be moved 7 metres (23 feet) from our facades.



This will have a negative impact on the following:

Non monsieur le maire_icone Our daily operations

Non monsieur le maire_icone The work and security of our waiters and waitresses

Non monsieur le maire_icone The service offered to our clients

Non monsieur le maire_icone Hygiene 


Non monsieur le maire_icone Will our clients accept seeing their plates carried amidst a sea of people?

Non monsieur le maire_icone Service will have to be provided on an artery with an 8% slope, in the middle of a crowd (bicycles, skates, skateboards, carriages, kids running downhill). The CNESST considers a floor with a slope dangerous.


The city did not even plan a water service:

Non monsieur le maire_icone Water for cleaning purposes 

Non monsieur le maire_icone Drinking water

Non monsieur le maire_icone Water required for irrigating the plant


Non monsieur le maire_icone During rainy days, the service will be interrupte. To access the toilets, clients will have to walk through the rain. The CNESST considers a wet floor dangerous.

Non monsieur le maire_icone The proposed terraces will all be identical with a zinc roof, glass walls, and 14 feet tall effectively hiding the building facades and the beautiful view as seen from the Place Jacques Cartier.

Non monsieur le maire_icone Montrealers will lose a great gathering place. 

Non monsieur le maire_icone The Québec Restaurant Association (ARQ) has informed the mayor its total disagreement with the project.



"While I attempt to understand Mayor Coderre's optimistic vision and seemingly sincere desire to renovate and beautify the Old Port in time for the upcoming anniversary, this plan was poorly conceived and rushed without sufficient consultation..."

Jeff Daniels

"My wife and I visited Montreal in July 2016. We were pleased to enjoy the cuisine and hospitality of the restaurants on Place Jacque Cartier. We are from California and so we are familiar with eating in pleasant outdoor surroundings, like the current arrangement on Place Jacque Cartier..."

Michael Rice

"I have been visiting Montreal for decades, I am a retired restauranteur who has been recognized for my ability to provide a great restaurant experience for my guests. This plan ignores the charm and atmosphere of the current situation..."